Article Marketing: The Most Common Mistakes

Article Marketing: The Most Common Mistakes

It’s common for article marketers to make mistakes when promoting websites, products or clients through their writing. With so much work to be completed it’s easy to forget a crucial step which generates all of the benefits of article marketing. The following are five mistakes commonly made by article marketers and how to avoid them:

Lackluster content

Many article marketers just want to get an article up and out on the web without any consideration for the reader. These articles will be very broken and lack any substantial content. Unfortunately, article marketers are harming themselves because these articles quickly become de-indexed, spammed and fail to convert.

Whenever writing articles for marketing, provide the best possible content so when visitors do read the content they will feel compelled to discover more and click through the included link.

No clear call-to-action

A call-to-action is either a subtle or overt notifier that the article marketer places within the content to cause the reader to take action, click through the link and hopefully buy the product or service. The most common mistake made by article marketers is to completely omit the call-to-action. In the rush to product content it’s easy to overlook this crucial element.

Whenever writing articles, be sure to include a call-to-action and build up hype around the product or service so when they are called to take action they will feverishly click through and buy.

Improper use of the author byline

The author byline is one of the most important elements of article marketing. The author byline allows the article marketer to place their links, call-to-action and any other additional information to entice the reader to click through and perform a desired action. A common mistake is to either completely forget the author byline, incorrectly format the link or lacks any kind of lead in to the destination page.

Whenever writing articles, take the time to develop an author byline which creates a sense of urgency, value and authority in the article being created.

Lack of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, unfortunately, is the most common mistake made by article marketers. The purpose of the article, besides converting the reader, is to be found. If the article marketer doesn’t use SEO it will be doomed to sit at the bottom of search engine results.

Whenever writing articles, research the keywords that will be used in the article, optimize the content around a niche topic and target the exact mindset the reader will be within.

Lack of distribution

Common amongst many article marketers is the lack of content distribution. Leaving an article on just one website only allows the article to pick up the content through a single source; the real value comes when the article is widely distributed across the net. Likewise, mistakes often arise because article marketers are lazy about promoting their works through social media.

Whenever writing articles, share the content amongst social networks, other article websites and content networks to help promote and market the work.

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