How to Generate "link Bait" for Your Website

How to Generate “link Bait” for Your Website

Link-bait is a term used by many when talking about creating content which have a high rate of being clicked and shared. Link-bait is not just a bait and switch, it’s a smart use of trends, sensationalism and content that will increase your chances for your website and content to be see as it becomes viral in nature.

This post will show you five ways you can create your own link-bait content.

Method 1: Top posts

Lists and top posts are viral in nature because they’re easy to consume and often are very entertaining or informational. Try creating your own top or list post for your website, niche or marketplace. Include items that are very interesting or can change the lives of those that read it from tutorials to tips.

Method 2: Breaking news

Breaking news quickly goes viral on the web because it’s now understood that big media from television to newspapers are often way behind at which the speed breaking news is released. If you find something major happening within your industry be the first to break it and you’ll pull many people in that want to know more.

Method 3: Major interviews or highlights

Interviews and highlights within a niche can quickly bait people to your website. When you talk with a very influential person or create a list of those that offer great insights not only will you be able to create a great piece of content but those that you involve will also tell their community which increases the chance for traffic.

Method 4: Enticing headlines

The headline of content is what really draws readers in. A dry, boring title may still get clicks from those that want to learn more but in order to properly link-bait internet users you must sensationalize your headline.

For example, here are two simple headlines (which would you click on?).

A. Man rescues dog from well

B. Man braves 6 hours of darkness to rescue his beloved dog

It’s all about interest in link-bait headlines; it needs to have emotion to hook people in.

Method 5: Multimedia

Lately, on the web, multimedia has seen a rise with the ability to go viral. Unlike normal written content, videos and pictures are more likely to link-bait those on the web because it’s simple to consume and can be shared on a click of a mouse; you’re not required to read through a long block of text. Try creating a great info graph, entertaining video, funny picture or anything other media that entertains then put it out on the web and hope for the best.

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