How to Host a Successful Festival

How to Host a Successful Festival

In order to host a successful fair or festival, it must first be planned. Why are we holding this event? If there is no theme, it will be much harder to market. Once the theme has been set, set goals. Outline what it will accomplish, who it will benefit and what key results do you wish to see. Finally, choose a name and set the date and time. How will people know where and when to go if they are not told? Once you have a plan, check with the city government to obtain all permits you might need.

Now it’s time to get important people together and organize facilities and volunteers. You will need to determine how much space you have for vendors, how much to charge per booth, and what percentage of their sales will be your commission. If your festival is being held to help out a charitable organization, will the vendors be able to provide donations as well, or will you have to find alternative sources for donations. To help meet your monetary goals, consider the prices of parking, admissions and events. Are all events to be free? Will rides cost tickets? If so, how much will each ticket cost? Will you need security guards? Who will check in on the vendors the day of so you can enjoy the festival in peace?
Don’t forget to consider entertainment. Will there be rides, games or live music? How will these affect the cost of admissions? Other ways to draw more people to you would be to have raffle prizes or hold a lottery. It’s easy to ask local businesses for donations for raffles since it can provide them with a low-cost advertisement for their business. Talent contests can be an inexpensive way to showcase local talent and not break your bank. However, if you aren’t careful, the local talent could be bad enough to drive off attendees.

Advertising can be expensive. Word of mouth is the cheapest, but can be unreliable at times. The next best options would be posting on social media like Facebook or Twitter or building a street team that will post flyers for you around town. Television and radio are the most well know, but also the most expensive. Once it comes to the day of, enjoy your festival. You’ve worked hard for it.

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