How to Make Money on Ebay

How to Make Money on Ebay

Is there something you would like to sell on ebay, but you’re not sure how to get started? That feeling is natural and I was there once to, but don’t let it get your down, selling things on ebay is actually easy once you know a system that works. I’m going to teach you a system that I have come up with and one that has made all of my ebay sales successful.

Price your item according to the market.

Before ever listing an item on ebay you need to forget about what you would like to get for the item you are putting up for sale and instead be realistic. If research on your items tells you it’s worth a certain amount don’t just price it at that amount and expect it to sell. What you need to do first is search your item and see what price actually has bids on it not just simply the highest price. If people are bidding on the same item in the same condition at a certain price then that is the price that the market is willing to pay for that item. Pricing your item at the same price or a little below the one with multiple bids gives you a great chance of selling as the people bidding on the previous item still want it and are willing to pay the price already. Pricing your item a little below others with bids increases your chances of selling because people want to pay the lowest possible price.

List your items similar to others receiving bids.

It does no good to price your item below all others receiving bids if no one can find it. If you struggle with search terms and finding the right way to list your item it is best to list your item like the others listed and receiving bids. This will increase your chances of being found in the search and chances are that the people who searched and bid already on others are continuing to search the same terms to find lower prices and other possible items to win in auction. The easier it is for someone to find your item the better chance you have of being able to sell it.

Make shipping fast and as inexpensive as possible.

This is a big selling point for items on ebay. Shipping cost are always something that people have a problem with and it is best to incorporate them into the winning bid cost, but if that’s not possible find the cheapest and fastest way to get it to the buyer. Depending upon the item the post office is usually the best option, but be sure to use paypal as the source of payment because they have automated labels ready to go and paid out of your earnings so you can have a box ready and ship it out the same day of receiving payment. Be willing to make less on your item by paying more for shipping cost. This will not only improve your reputation, but make It more likely that the same person who bought your item will buy from you again at a later date.

Be as helpful and available to your buyers as possible.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you provide a buyer with an easy way to contact you it will help your rating on ebay and increase your business through positive reviews. A perfect example of this was when I sold an old video card and the buyer wanted to know where to find a part as an add-on for the card. I provided them with a few websites were they could order the add-on that they needed and told them to contact me if they needed any more assistance. They were so pleased by the extra help that they gave me a high recommendation and said they would be willing to buy similar items from me whenever I choose to sell them.

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