How to Use Networking to Land Your Next Pet Sitting Job

How to Use Networking to Land Your Next Pet Sitting Job

Networking does not just work for the next person; it can also work for you! If you run a pet sitting business, but are struggling to land new clients, networking can help you to land your next pet sitting job.

Reassure Existing Clients

Existing clients who are satisfied with your work will not want to lose you in a hurry. In fact, some existing pet sitting clients are reluctant to tell others about your top-notch pet sitting service for fear that they will lose you to “the competition” waiting just around the corner.

I once had a pet sitting client who was very reluctant to tell others about me for fear I would jump ship and find a better pet sitting position. So while she would extol my virtues as her “great dog lady”, she only ever passed out my contact details to a single friend and neighbour who lived close by.

If you are in a similar position, it pays to reassure existing clients so that they know you will not abandon them and their pets. Let them know that any other jobs you take on will be in addition to what you currently do and that Fluffy’s routine will stay the same.

Talk to Everyone

Networking is about talking to everyone you know, not just current clients who may know of someone who is looking for a pet sitter. It pays to look beyond those obvious links and to throw your net further. Talk to the postman, milkman, to the lady standing in the queue at the supermarket waiting to check out. If you hear anyone mentioning how they are in need of a pet sitter, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise.

Carry business cards or fliers with you so that you are prepared to talk to people if they bring it up. Business cards do not place anyone under pressure, but they will speak for you long after your conversation is over.

Pet sitting is a great career for those who love animals and are dedicated to spending their time looking after other people’s cherished pets. However, many pet sitters find that landing new clients is a challenge that is difficult to overcome. Start off by reassuring existing clients. Oftentimes, clients will keep you a well guarded secret, as they fear you will leave if they let it slip that you offer a great pet sitting service. Talking to everyone you know (and don’t know) can also help you to land more clients.

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